Wii U™


The aim of the game is to find and obtain mysterious treasures called 'Relics.'
From the depths of ancient catacombs to the bowels of abandoned labs, Relics are scattered across all sorts of different locations.
Getting to them won’t be easy, let along retrieving them. Be prepared to overcome a host of obstacles!

Cracking a lock concealed in a wall.
Obstacles such as this will block your path.
Remove them quickly, but watch your back!

Relics are hidden deep within each stage.
Your mission is to bring them back safely.

True treasure hunters know the key to beating a stage and securing the Relic is teamwork.
Cover your allies while fighting side by side, and you'll glide through even the toughest missions!

Picking up a Relic slows your movement and prevents you from attacking.
Additionally, being attacked will cause you to drop the Relic, so allies need to work together if they want to finish the stage in one piece!

Depending on the route you take through a stage, you choose to head into the lair of any!
(*Note: All players must take the same route.)
These hideous beasts show no mercy to intruders, so put you teamwork skills to the test and make it your goal to defeat them!

Defeat these big baddies to earn extra rewards.
With a bit of luck, you can really score big!

Treasure hunting attracts all kinds of people, each with their own preferred fighting style.
For characters handy with firearms, use the Multiview Action System to switch views and take out enemies with improved accuracy before they close in.

Change views, take aim, and fire! Use the Aim Assist function for those tricky shots!